Italmobiliare signs the UN Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation

In the midst of a global pandemic, the United Nations sees a retreat from international cooperation and a convergence of global crises. From climate change to economic uncertainty to systemic racism, these crises are compounded by the rise of disinformation worldwide.

In response to this moment of disruption and uncertainty, the UN Global Compact launched a call on CEOs of participant companies to show their support for peace and security, human rights and sustainable development.

Italmobiliare Investment Holding, through its CEO Carlo Pesenti, shares its duty to be among the over 1,000 CEOs in more than 100 countries having signed the Statement from Business Leaders for Renewed Global Cooperation, a resounding endorsement of inclusive multilateralism.

“We believe that good governance is the foundation of good business. Companies must not only ensure that their own houses are in order through enhanced corporate governance, but businesses must also support enhanced global governance: modeling ethical leadership in their organizations; tackling systemic inequalities and injustices in their supply chains; and partnering with Government, civil society and others to strengthen institutions, laws and systems, nationally and internationally.

This is the spirit of our participation to the UN Global Compact.”