Information to shareholders

Main shareholders


April 2020

According to the Shareholders’ register, communications received in accordance with Article 120 of the Consolidated Finance Act and other information available to the Company, the following individuals and institutions have holdings – either directly or indirectly - exceeding 3% of the share capital represented by voting shares.


*The company holds treasury shares equal to 0.66% of the share capital.

Under Consob Resolution no. 21304 of March 17, 2020 regarding the reduction in the initial percentage threshold for communication pursuant to art. 120, paragraph 2-bis, of Legislative Decree no. 58 of 1998 for holdings in the share capital of listed companies - having Italy as its home Member State - with a high current market value and particularly widespread shareholding, based on the communications received, we would point out that the parties that hold more than 1% of the issued share capital represented by shares with voting rights are:

  • Norges Bank (2.348%)
  • Antonio Fenaroli (1.953%)
  • Inarcassa (1.39%)
  • Briarwood Capital Partners GP LLC (1.06%)

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