Italmobiliare Newsletter n. 4 - July 2021

The 4th issue of Italmobiliare SpA’s six-monthly newsletter is now available. @ITALMOBILIARE aims at giving visibility to initiatives, projects and best practices of Italmobiliare and its portfolio companies, strengthening their communication with stakeholders and the financial community.

"Sustainability as an integrated lever", a letter signed by the Chairman Laura Zanetti and by the Chief Executive Officer of Carlo Pesenti, and a focus on "The sustainable choice of Italmobiliare" open the newsletter.

The column “An Italian Snapshot” by Luca Paolazzi (Ref Ricerche) is dedicated to economic and financial issues, focusing on healthcare, while “Insight” introduces the portfolio company Casa della Salute”, offering a high-quality, innovative and highly digitalized health service.

The “news” present three portfolio companies: Italgen S.p.A. and the important agreement with the Energy Department of the Milan Polytechnic for a research project on green hydrogen; Tecnica Group with its new CEO and General Manager; and Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, which this year celebrates its 800th Anniversary launching “Firenze 1221 Edition”.

The last section is dedicated to “the world of Clessidra”, addressing the recent corporate reorganization and presenting the company Sisma S.p.A. And finally, as usual, the Italmobiliare “Economic data” and the presentation of the key people of Italmobiliare in charge of managing the relations with the Portfolio Companies.

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Italmobiliare newsletter n4 July 2021