Italmobiliare closes acquisition of Clessidra Sgr

Following the authorization issued by the Bank of Italy, Italmobiliare closed today the acquisition of Clessidra Sgr on the basis of the agreement signed on May 9, 2016.

The acquisition had already been favorably received by a very large majority of the investors of CCP3 Fund, and means that Italmobiliare now holds 99% of Clessidra SGR capital.

After completion of the change in ownership, the new company Board of Directors was appointed: Carlo Pesenti (Chairman), Mario Fera (CEO), Riccardo Bruno, Manuel Catalano, Federico Ghizzoni, Alessandra Manuli and Galeazzo Pecori Giraldi. The new Board of Statutory Auditors was also appointed: Marina Brogi (Chairman), Francesco Di Carlo and Alessandro Grange.

An investment holding owned by the Pesenti family, Italmobiliare manages a diversified investment and equity portfolio worth more than 1.6 billion euro and recently completed the conversion of savings shares into ordinary shares. The acquisition of Clessidra is part of a wide-ranging policy to diversify its investment portfolio and represents a significant opportunity to develop its operations in private equity through the purchase of the largest Italian operator in the sector.

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