Italmobiliare chooses sustainability as integrated lever of success. In its long history as an investment holding company in the industrial and financial fields, Italmobiliare was one of the forerunners in Italy. Already in the 1990s it had structured ambitious sustainability programmes in the main industrial holdings, fully integrated into the strategic development priorities and coordinated by dedicated functions. Thanks to this experience, a constant commitment to best practices has matured, from principles to policies, from processes to products, from local and global initiatives to reporting tools.

In June 2021, taking inspiration from the highest global references, Italmobiliare’s Board of Directors approved a deep review of Group’s corporate identity and governance cornerstones: the Code of Ethics, the Sustainability Policies and the Responsible Investment Policy, three interdependent and coordinated documents that consistently and effectively trace the path from value proposition to daily operations:

  • Evaluation of the ESG profile and attitude to sustainability of the companies subject to potential investment
  • Active ownership during the management of portfolio companies, through active dialogue and continuous support towards the integration of environmental, social and governance success levers into the business strategy.
  • Transparency and reporting of ESG performance in all management phases up to divestment, also aimed at ensuring continuation of the path undertaken.

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