Sidi Sport supports Road to Equality

Road to Equality is a non-professional sports association founded by former world road cycling champion, Alessandra Cappellotto, dedicated to championing dignity and the empowerment of female athletes through cycling, valuing them both as athletes and individuals. The association draws inspiration from Goal 5 of the UN 2030 Agenda, which aims to achieve gender equality by promoting equal rights at all levels of participation.

Sidi Sport has actively supported "Road to Equality" by providing cycling footwear to the Afghan athletes. The MTB Speed 2 RTE model, customized with the association's logo, offers an elegantly designed shoe suitable for off-road cycling at all skill levels. In this context, cycling serves as a symbol of solidarity, emphasizing the profound connection between sport and social unity.

"Road to Equality" facilitated the relocation of a group of female cyclists from Afghanistan to Italy, offering them refuge from persecution in their homeland. In 2021, Alessandra resettled 14 people from Kabul, where their lives were in danger, to a small town in the province of Vicenza, where they were warmly welcomed into the school and community. The girls have since commenced their studies and employment, seamlessly integrating into society. Two of these athletes are currently preparing for the Paris Olympics,  underscoring optimism for the future of gender equality and human rights, transcending the barriers of discrimination.

Davide Rossetti, CEO of Sidi Sport, states: "We decided to support the initiatives of 'Road to Equality' because they represent a strong signal of hope for the future. Sport, and cycling in particular, are powerful tools to combat discrimination and fight for the recognition of human rights. Sidi Sport is excited to support these activities and will cheer for the Afghan athletes in every competition they participate in. Praise to Alessandra Cappellotto and her entire team for their wonderful work."

For Alessandra Cappellotto, President of Road to Equality, "Sidi Sport has been a part of my life since I was 16 years old, when my dad took me to the company. I grew up with them and won the World Championship wearing Sidi, of course. Having them by my side in this project, which goes well beyond cycling, is something incredible. Sidi is not just a company that makes fantastic shoes, but a group of people passionate and attentive to social aspects. Their shoes not only serve to cycle but also to change the lives of many girls in various countries around the world."


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