Notice of changes in the share capital

Italmobiliare S.p.A. hereby gives notice of the new composition of its share capital, following the effectiveness of the mandatory conversion of no. 16,343,162 Italmobiliare savings shares into no. 1,634,317 Italmobiliare ordinary shares.

Consequently, as of 1 September 2016 the share capital of the Company, equal to Euro 100,166,937.00, is divided into 23,816,900 ordinary shares without indication of par value.

  Current Share Capital Previus Share Capital
  Euro no. of shares Par value
per share
Euro no. of shares Par value
per share
Total 100,166,937.00 23,816,900 - 100,166,937.00 38,525,745 -
Ordinary shares 100,166,937.00 23,816,900 - 57,674,715.80 22,182,583 -
savings shares
- - - 42,492,221.20 16,343,162 -

Furthermore, please be informed that the updated By-laws of the Company has been filed with the Companies’ Register of Milan and is made available to the public on the authorised storage system “SDIR‐STORAGE” operated by Bit Market Services S.p.A. at and on the website of the Company at, under the “Governance/Documentation/By-laws” section.

Key economic and financial data