Italmobiliare and HeidelbergCement define the details of the transaction regarding the stake in Italcementi and the number of HeidelbergCement's shares to be subscribed by Italmobiliare

Italmobiliare will subscribe a reserved capital increase of HeidelbergCement for a 5.3% stake in the German group. Closing expected on July 1st

Italmobiliare and HeidelbergCement, after receiving the conditional approval from EU and US Antitrust Authorities (on 26 May and 17 June, respectively) to the sale to HeidelbergCement of Italmobiliare’s 45% stake held in Italcementi, defined the last details to execute the contract.
With respect to the subscription by Italmobiliare of HeidelbergCement shares in a range between 4.0 and 5.3% of the share capital as part of the consideration for the transaction, Italmobiliare fixed in no. 10,500,00 the amount of HeidelbergCement ordinary shares which it will subscribe by virtue of a reserved capital increase, representing after such capital increase the 5.3% of HeidelbergCement’ share capital. Following the acquisition of such participation Italmobiliare will be the third shareholder of HeidelbergCement.
The value on HeidelbergCement newly issued shares subscribed by Italmobiliare will be equal to EUR 75.06 per share, being the weighted average Stock Market price registered in the thirty business days period ending on June 17, 2016.

Italmobiliare and HeidelbergCement have also agreed a few amendments to contract provisions according to which, after stakes in Italgen, BravoSolution and certain real estate properties held by Italcementi have been sold to Italmobiliare as planned, a specific procedure will be followed so that the closing of the transaction can be reached on July 1st.

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