The BOD approves a transaction aimed at simplifyng the capital structure of the Company through the distribution of an extraordinary dividends to savings shareholders only, with the simultaneous mandatory conversion of saving shares into ordinary shares

  • Extraordinary dividend to savings shareholders only:
    (i) in part in cash, equal to Euro 56 per each group of no. 10 savings shares;
    (ii) in part in kind, with the assignment of no. 3 ordinary shares of HeidelbergCement AG per each group of no. 10 savings shares.
  • Conversion ratio equal to no. 1 ordinary share for each group of no. 10 savings shares.
  • The aggregate countervalue in kind and in cash attributed to savings shareholders corresponds to a premium equal to respectively 15.6% and 18.5% on the official prices as at 30 June of the securities assigned in the context of the Transaction and on the average of the same prices of such securities of the last month.

Key economic and financial data