The company


The Foundation was established in honour of Carlo Pesenti (1907-1984), one of Italy’s most prominent industrial and financial figures of the XX century.

The Foundation’s mission is the social, cultural and gender growth of the younger generations through educational and entrepreneurial initiatives with a strong social impact.

Founded in June 2004 in Bergamo as an autonomous and independent organisation, the Pesenti Foundation is a non-profit entity aiming at promoting and enhancing a corporate culture as a driver of ideas, projects and actions to generate positive and inclusive impact towards social, environmental and cultural development.

The Foundation increasingly supports the development of impact investing projects in favour of initiatives promoted by young people through specific grants and scholarships. This theme is accompanied by its traditional commitment to charitable projects, under the guidance of the Charity Committee, whose appointment was renewed by the current Board of Directors for the three-year period 2022-24.

Amongst the most significant projects over the years are: partnerships with Italian and foreign universities; continued support for scientific research; humanitarian aid; conferences on matters of economic and social relevance.

Key economic and financial data