Creating value


Italmobiliare Investment Holding intends to be an inspiration, an example and a reference for all those who want to identify, accelerate and enhance their long-term transformation potential and actively contribute to global challenges, creating sustainable, innovative and therefore more competitive and resilient businesses.


Italmobiliare Investment Holding plays an active and continuous role in the process of portfolio growth and enhancement by combining development, internationalisation and innovation with an effective governance and risk management model, and full ESG integration at all stages of investing.


Excellence: financial, human and organizational resources to support value creation and competitiveness. Financial and operational discipline, shared skills, networking and strategic approach to unlock the growth potential of the Group and its subsidiaries and associated companies.

Responsibility: sustainability as a transformative lever of success and continuous growth, a combination of excellence in economic performance, ethics, conservation and valorisation of natural capital and improvement of the quality of life of present and future generations.

Innovation: technologies, digital resources, search for the new, openness to change, proactive and dynamic approach that looks at the world from a different perspective and aims at individual and corporate growth.

Inclusion: internal and external relations guided by respect, trust and duty of care, where the characteristics of gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, state of health, political opinions, race, religious beliefs and any other diversity create added value, bringing knowledge and experience for the benefit of the entire organisation and the community as a whole.

Integrity: legality, compliance with the rules and voluntary codes as essential elements. Correctness, honesty and loyalty in relations with all internal and external stakeholders. Transparency and pro-activeness in the disclosure of information and confidentiality in the management of sensitive data. Fight against corruption, countering money laundering and criminal organisations.

Key economic and financial data