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Italmobiliare and Quattror examine possible investment in the Ferrarini Group

Wed, 06/13/2018 - 09:36

A due diligence that could lead the two investors to jointly hold the majority of the Italian food group is about to start

Milan, 13 June 2018 – In light of the news published by the press today, Italmobiliare deems necessary to clarify that the Company together with the QuattroR Fund has started preliminary examination and evaluation regarding a possible entry with a majority stake in the Ferrarini group (100% controlled by the Ferrarini family).

The contemplated investment, which could be pursued by the two investors jointly and on an equal basis, is subject, inter alia, to the results of a due diligence investigation, which is about to start in order to verify the actual interest in proceeding with the investment itself.

In any case, completion of the discussed transaction would be subject to customary conditions precedent for transactions of the same kind (including, if required, the authorisation of competent antitrust and/or regulatory authorities) and also to the definition of appropriate agreements with financial creditors involved and the negotiation and execution of binding agreements among Italmobiliare, QuattroR and the Ferrarini family.

Ferrarini Group is one of the leading Italian companies in the production and marketing of ham and derivatives with more than 330 million euros revenues in 2017.


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